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The EGG is a unique barbecue product, with unmatched flexibility and capabilities that surpass all other conventional cookers combined. It is a smoker, a grill and an oven and you can cook literally any food on it year around, from appetizers to entrees to desserts.

Here are some of the benefits of the Big Green Egg:


 Fast lighting -- ready to cook in 10 minutes with no lighter fluid
Ceramic walls retain heat with accurate temperature control and no hot spots
Fuel efficient so there is no need to add more charcoal while cooking; unburned charcoal can be reused
Constant tending not required; with enclosed cooking there are no grease flare-ups
Withstands temperature extremes from below 0° to 1800°F
Can be used year around, even in freezing temperatures and rain
Surface stays cooler and is safer around children than metal grills
Weatherproof ceramics won't rust
Handsome, decorative and unique design
Produces the juiciest, most succulent food you'll ever taste


Authorized Dealers & Internet Policy:
There are no authorized internet retailers for Big Green Egg products. Purchasing and shipping any Big Green Egg product from an internet source will void the warranty associated with that product.









  • XXL Egg Specifications

    • Grid Diameter: 29 in
    • Cooking Area: 672 sq in
    • Weight: 470 lbs
    The XXLarge EGG can cook:
         35-40 burgers
         14-16 whole chickens
         18-20 steaks
         20 mouth-watering racks of rib vertically
         1 perfectly crisp suckling pig 



• 24-inch diameter cooking grid
• Weighs 205 pounds
• 452 square inches of cooking surface
• The XL EGG can cook:
     two 20-pound turkeys
     24 burgers
     11 whole chickens
     12 steaks





• 18-inch diameter cooking grid
• Weighs 140 pounds
• 255 square inches of cooking surface
• The Large EGG can cook:
     20-pound turkey
     12 burgers
     6 chickens vertically
     8 steaks 


• 15-inch diameter cooking grid
• Weighs 95 pounds
• 177 square inches of cooking surface
• The Medium EGG can cook:
     18-pound turkey
     6 burgers
     3 chickens vertically
     4 steaks



• 13-inch diameter cooking grid
• Weighs 65 pounds
• 133 square inches of cooking surface
• The Small EGG can cook:
     12-pound turkey
     4 burgers
     1 chicken vertically
     2 steaks




 • 9-inch diameter cooking grid
• Weighs 30 pounds
• 64 square inches of cooking surface
• The Mini can cook:
     2 chicken breasts
     2 pork chops
    1 steak

Mini Max Specifications:
• Grid Diameter: 13 in
• Cooking Area: 133 sq in
• Weight: 90 lbs

The MiniMax EGG can cook:

     12-pound turkey
     4 burgers
     1 chicken vertically
     2 steaks
     1 rack of ribs



The book that fans of the Big Green Egg have been waiting for! The 320-page, hardcover Big Green Egg Cookbook contains extensive color photography and more than 160 delicious recipes that utilize the unique cooking abilities of the EGG; many of the recipes were inspired by EGGheads and EGGfests. Inside you'll find inventive recipes that range from modern twists on tried-and-true barbecue favorites to gourmet recipes with sophisticated flavors. Available now at your local Big Green Egg dealer.



Big Green Egg Natural Lump Charcoal

The EGG® will cook most efficiently using natural lump charcoal. Big Green Egg lump charcoal is made from a selection of 100% hardwoods. It burns hotter and cleaner and lights faster and easier than briquettes. The amount of ash produced is a fraction of what briquettes produce, which means less frequent ash removal is required. Use either our electric lighter or our natural fire starters and you'll be ready to cook in about 10 minutes; never use lighter fluid.