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Any intelligent business person will tell you there are three things that a company is judged by:

Quality, Price, Service. Everyone knows that Embers products are top of the line and that our prices are low enough to compete with some of the "Big Box" store products. However, it's the service that we provide that puts us ahead of our competition.  There's only one thing worse than making a new purchase and finding out that something is missing or broken out of the box.  It's having to deal with someone over seas on getting the parts that were missing or broken.  At Embers, there are no 800 numbers to call and there are no unsympathetic operators who barely know what you're talking about.

Simply contact the experienced salesperson that sold the product to you about any problems you may be experiencing.  In a reasonable amount of time, your issue will get resolved.  Easy right? We think so.  It's amazing how simple things can be when you have knowledgeable and caring people taking care of things.  Of course, dealing with quality products to begin with helps too.

Are you thinking about buying a product on-line to save a few bucks? Don't forget about warranties. Buying from Embers means the warranty will be honored and service will be provided. If you buy it on-line, be sure the internet company can provide you with warranty service. Embers will not provide warranty service for any products purchased on-line.

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